4" Setback Standard Series LIGHTWEIGHT Jack Plate 115hp

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Our standard series Hydraulic jack plates have been on the market since 1978 and are a proven unit.  They have been redesigned, but the concept has remained.  The lightest weight hydraulic jack plate on the market!  The standard series belief is to keep the least amount of weight on the transom, and by keeping the pump inside the boat, keeps this weight down.  All standard series jack plates have a lifetime warranty on the structure to the original end user, and a 5 year warranty on the hydraulic pump motor.

Jack plates are used to improve an outboard boats speed, holeshot, fuel efficiency, and the boater navigate in shallow waters.  To help find the correct setback for your boat, give us a call!  1-855-JACKPLATE

Offered in 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14" setbacks, Bob's Jack plates offer 1 piece design, unlike competitors that require setback spacers to achieve the proper setback.  Can be pre-drilled for side mount power poles on request when ordering.  Please specify port, starboard, or both.

  • Pump inside boat

  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Large powerful motor that can lift heavy outboards under full power

  • Lifetime warranty on structure, 5 years on pump to original end user

  • Automotive grease nipples for easy lubrication

  • Tension rods

  • Made in USA, in our own factory in Tampa, Florida

  • Rated for 115HP, upto 425 lbs motors (heavier should use Extreme series)
  • Sides predrilled for shallow water anchors

All models are manufactured with aluminum and stainless steel. The Minimum Lift Above Standard Transom is 7-1/2".(1-½" built in. 6" rise)
*Price includes complete package (lift, controls, pump, switch, hoses, instructions, oil and limited LIFETIME structural workmanship warranty.

Warranty on the pump (against defects of quality and workmanship) is 60 months. LONGEST IN THE INDUSTRY.    Wire harness and solenoids warranty is 12 months.


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